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Father's Day in the NFL, a league full of family men

The biggest responsibility a man can have is being a father. It's a powerful position of impact and something that should be cherished.

As a player in the NFL, I constantly see the media expose the small percentage of athletes who get caught up in doing the wrong things. With Father’s Day right around the corner, I want to expose some players and staff who are doing the right things by being great fathers.


NFL players' salaries, material possessions simply fool's gold

Being a professional athlete in the NFL is a blessing and a privilege. Some benefits include a nice salary and great access. 

When I say access, I mean the ability to purchase almost anything you desire — everything is right at your fingertips. As a seven-year veteran, I’ve seen the combination of salary and access put to great use, but I’ve also seen it lead to sorrow and stress.


Does God care about football?

As a Christian athlete, I often get this question: Does God care about football?

My response: How big is your God?

The question in itself suggests that God is small and has too much on his plate to worry about football. I could never understand how somebody could believe in an all-powerful all-knowing God and believe there are certain things he just can’t handle. Football is a profession that is played by people, and God cares about people and what they do.