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Washing feet and teaching life lessons: The NFL offseason you don't read about

This part of the NFL offseason is filled with negative news. On any given week, you'll see that a player has gotten into trouble.

During the period between minicamp and training camp, players have a lot of idle time that's filled with choices to make. Some players get involved in activities that could be detrimental to their careers, but most choose to do great things for their communities. I want to shed light on those positive acts players do throughout the country.


Calming nerves or stoking flames, music playlist does trick in NFL pregame

Every Sunday morning during an NFL season, hundreds of professional football players prepare to take the field and participate in one of the most violent sports in the world. Some guys wake up and immediately begin physical activities to get their bodies ready for the countless collisions they will take.

But there is something else we all seek before a game: mental preparation.


Married in the NFL: Supporting teammate who matters most

Playing in the National Football League can be physically draining and stressful. The amount of hours a player commits to perfect skills for his craft can be mind-boggling.

The multiple sacrifices we players make in order to stand out among the best can be overwhelming, but we do it because we love the game; we do it because we have a strong desire to leave a mark in history. We all want to be regarded as one of the best to ever play.